The Most Interesting Adult Massage Parlors in Melbourne

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This is an industry that sells. And it sells good. Brothels exist since the world, and they will exist until the end. There are indeed many countries where brothels cannot exist from a legal point of view, but there are just as many countries where this industry is literally booming, and each business tries to come up with a WOW factor to attract more and more clients. So let’s check out some of the coolest, most exclusivist and famous brothels in the world. They are all legal.

The Voyeuristic brothel in Czech Republic

A project called “Big Sister” was a true hype in the Czech Republic. At this brothel people get services for free…well, in exchange for letting themselves audio and video taped. The brothel got its profits from online streaming to subscribers. Luckily for housewives, the brothel has already closed its doors…

Bangkok Entertainment Plaza

Yet another famous brothel located in busy Thailand. The entertainment plaza as it is called, features as many as 40 bars inside a huge building. At each of these bars dozens of girls lap dance and offer sexual favors in exchange for money. The negotiation goes on directly between the client and the woman, so there is no outside interference for restriction on the types of services offered, or the fees charged.

Adult Massage: Melbourne Parlors

A strip bar & brother called Stiletto is famous for its lavishly decorated, almost surreal rooms where clients can entertain with the chosen lady or ladies. One can find here rooms with names such as Roman Orgy, Kama Sutra or even The James Bond Room. The brothel calls itself a “boutique hotel with a short stay”- where clients looking for adult massage Melbourne states his preferences, he enjoys the services and then departs…leaving room for the next client.

White vans of Lyon, France

This is not exactly a brothel, but a creative place to offer and get sexual favors. In Lyon, prostitutes sell their services from inside white vas lines up in the city as the suburbs. When the door of the van is open, it means the “brothel” is welcoming visitors. When the doors are closed, the client should pay a visit a bit later. When the van rocks, it is obvious.

The largest brothel in Europe

Welcome to Pascha. This is the largest brothel in Europe (Koln, Germany) with approximately 120 prostitutes working here and serving up to 1,000 clients a day. Pascha is housed in a huge 9,000 square meter building which has 12 floors. The business is operating since 1972, and Pascha as a brand has also expanded to other major cities such as Munich, Linz or Salzburg.

Discounts for riding your bike to the brothel

As weird as it may sound, there is a brothel in Berlin Germany that is extremely environmentally friendly. They give a generous discount to clients who can actually prove they arrived to the brothel by riding their bike or by taking the bus. The administration of the brothel says this way they also keep the busy parking lot less crowded, and they “help maintaining a cleaner environment”…whatever that means. However, this new and unusual discount system has increased the profits for the business, since every week more and more bikers arrive for the services.